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Licensing Board

The full Licensing Board meets bi-monthly and is responsible for certain licensing related policy decisions and certain licence applications (usually contentious decisions), related to current legislation, including the following:
  • Gaming permits for amusement arcades
  • Sex establishment licences
  • Taxi driver's licences
  • Provision of regulated entertainment
  • Sale by retail of alcohol
  • Supply of alcohol by a club
  • Provision of late night refreshment

If you require agendas, agenda items and/or minutes from meetings dating back more than 1 year please contact the Committee Services Team who will be able to supply them.

You can email the members of the Licensing Board using:

Members of the Licensing Board

Councillor Peter Bradshaw ChairCouncillor David van Dyk Vice ChairCouncillor Roy Mackenzie
Councillor John ColesCouncillor Alan TownsendCouncillor Helen Sprawson-White
Councillor Carole BullenCouncillor John CarterCouncillor Bente Height
Councillor Jeannette MarshCouncillor Linda OliverCouncillor Daniel Unwin
Councillor John GreenhalghCouncillor Nick CottleCouncillor Stina Falle