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Member Champions

From time to time Councillors are nominated to act as a champion for a particular topic, on behalf of the Council

What are Member Champions?

Member Champions exist to provide a voice for traditionally underrepresented groups, or issues which need to be kept at the forefront of council business although they may not be the responsibility of any individual or committee.

Member Champions are elected members who in addition to their other council responsibilities make sure that the issue or group that they are championing are taken into account when council policy is being developed and decisions are made.

What do they do?

Typically, the Member Champion will:

  • Make sure that their area of interest is taken into account when developing policy or making decisions
  • Ask questions about performance and resourcing for the area
  • Raise the profile of the area and make the authority aware of good practice.
  • Engage with external bodies who work in the area
  • Engage with other officers and members in relation to the role.
  • Engage with community groups with an interest/stake in the area
  • Report action to the council

Councillor John Brunsdon MBE has been nominated by the Planning Board to be the Council's Heritage Champion.

Councillor Peter Bradshaw and Councillor Helen Sprawson-White have been nominated by the Cabinet to be the Council's Mental Health Champions.


Last modified: 31 July 2017