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Valuation Bands

The estimated market value of the dwelling as at 1st April 1991, determines what the banding value is.

To find out what band your property is in visit the Valuation Office website and see Mendip District Council's table of  pdf icon Council Tax charges 2018 to 2019 [148kb] for each village and town. 

You can also appeal to the Valuation Office Agency against the banding of your property but since 1 December 1993 there are only limited occasions when tax payers can challenge their banding.

All customer contact with the public is now through Valuation Office Agency -

A material increase or reduction in the dwelling's value, e.g. demolition of whole or part, conversions of houses into flats, physical changes in the locality affecting value.

Or within six months of:

  • becoming a tax payer, or
  • a band change to your property made by the Listing Officer, or
  • a band change to a similar property to yours made by the Court

Making an appeal does not allow you to withhold payment of tax pending the hearing of the appeal. If your appeal is successful you will be entitled to a refund of any overpaid tax

Last modified: 13 March 2018